The Departments

Account Services

The head honchos that don't mind the grunt work. They are the key liaison between Capstone Agency and its clients. They're fluent in Gmail and translate client requests and agency jargon into English. By coordinating with departments and agency leadership to develop strategies and execute them, they run the whole show. 



The Insights department creates the foundation for all creative and operational strategies necessary to meet client needs. Client research, market research and post-campaign evaluations, oh my. They're pros at playing 20 Questions and getting to the bottom of audiences' and clients' needs. In their spare time, they channel their inner Nancy Drew as they uncover exciting ways to find survey and focus group participants (it turns out that "free pizza" is a phrase Millennials love to hear). 



Digital team members are fluent in hashtags and the ability to speak in sentences that are 140 characters or less. Want to know what's trending? They'll be the first to tell you. Oh, don't mind them, just in an open relationship with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a few others. #Dedication



A group of superhumans who do it all, and Adobe Suite is their bread and butter. You'll find them creating a variety of designs, from social media graphics and swag, to logos and communication plan books. The Creative department is a passionate team dedicated to creating exceptional marketing materials for Capstone Agency and its clients. They are responsible for the creative process with a client in its entirety — from brainstorming to execution. 


Videography/ Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a billion. The videography and photography department adds that special sauce that makes good campaigns great ones. From food photo shoots to campaign-launch videos, they have experience in all types of work.


Media Relations

Yes, they are the people who always have their AP Style book. I mean, did you even know that the "french" in "french fries" isn't capitalized? Yeah, didn't think so. Whether it is drafting a communications plan, writing a press release, pitching the media or distributing the agency newsletter, they are always writing something.

Public Relations

They're Capstone Agency's best brand ambassadors. They're ready at the drop of a hat to provide any additional writing, research or strategic counsel, in addition to vital assignments — like locating the closest source of coffee. External efforts include publishing fresh content for Capstone Agency’s blog and promoting on-campus activations for clients.