The Departments

Account Management

The head honchos, who are skilled at coordinating a web of moving parts, can be found in our account management department. Fluent in Gmail, they are the key liaison between Capstone Agency and its clients. They translate client requests and agency jargon into English. By coordinating with departments and agency leadership to produce high-quality work, account executives are the ones who keep the team motivated and focused on the end goal.

Creative Department

The creative department is the powerhouse that brings our campaigns to life and turns heads to inspire action. The department is made up of a variety of members who are dedicated to producing exceptional content for our clients.

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Creative Content

Home to our copywriters and art directors, our creative content sub-department has a tendency to think outside of the box. They’re all about using design and writing skills to create materials that push the boundaries of what’s expected. They stay up-to-date on trends and turn data and insights into creative, compelling messages for our clients.

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Creative Media

Our producers and web developers feel most comfortable with a camera or computer mouse in hand. Whether they’re shooting footage or developing a website for a client, they believe a picture is worth a thousand words. With an eye for all things creative, they create inspiring content for all platforms.


Media Department

A group of savvy storytellers, our media department members are the masters of AP Style and have a hunger for garnering positive attention through paid, earned, shared or owned media. They are quick to turn around pristine editorial pieces, press releases and social media content calendars that craft the perfect narratives for clients. Never known to shy away from a challenge, this department will write, pitch and secure media coverage for their clients faster than you can say “hot off the press!”

Strategy Department

Our strategy department is comprised of master planners who set goals for client teams to meet. They use their detective skills to sleuth out the strategy that drives a campaign and provide sound, reliable data and insights to guide client teams. In short, they usually have their heads in the clouds, but their feet on the ground.