In the digital age, you recognize how essential it is for clients to have a strong online presence across website and social media platforms. Capstone Agency's Digital department is responsible for handling all social media and Web design for clients, as well as for the agency itself. You have an inventive eye and a scientific mind, curious about what builds effective user experiences and high-performance platforms. Members can choose which area interests them more — social media or Web — and will then be assigned to an account team based on their preference and skills. 

Digital team members are fluent in hashtags and the ability to speak in sentences that are 140 characters or less. Want to know what's trending? We'll be the first to tell you. Don't mind us, we're just in an open relationship with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a few others. #Dedication


  • Experience in using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and HootSuite
  • The ability to create social media content
  • Familiarity with Excel
  • Familiarity with web design and website builders
  • Enthusiastic, resourceful and creative
  • Overall Cumulative of 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Graduating later than August 2018

Application Questions: 

  • Choose which aspect of digital you're interested in (select all that apply.)
    • Web
    • Social Media
  • Do you have past experience in web design? If so, on what platforms?
  • Craft five tweets that fit our LessThanUThink brand (you may need to do some research).
  • Write a 500-word blog post on something you did this past summer and your experience/takeaways or something you are planning to do this coming summer and what you expect to learn and gain from it.