The EcoCAR 3 team is busy creating great work for Capstone Agency’s on-campus client, an Advanced Vehicle Technology competition with 15 other schools to create an eco-friendly Chevrolet Camaro without compromising the muscle and style expected of this iconic car. This competition is sponsored by General Motors and the U.S. Department of Energy. The team creates a wide variety of material for the client, including blog posts, new logo designs, marketing deliverables, a communication plan and brochure, social media content, industry research and client insights, and other various items. The EcoCAR 3 team also helps promote events for the client on campus and within the Tuscaloosa community, while running all of the client's social media channels. As Capstone Agency's only pro-bono client, EcoCAR 3 provides an engaging and rewarding experience with lots of opportunities for our members to gain professional experience — the EcoCar 3 team is never bored!