Alabama International Relations Club

The Mission

It is the mission of the Alabama International Relations Club (AIRC) to involve students of the University of Alabama in communication and cooperation across political, cultural, and economic borders in order to foster cooperation and create leaders for today's globalizing world.

Additionally, the organization strives to

1) foster the education of members and the community, particularly as it relates to international issues and cultural awareness,

2) develop members into capable professionals and leaders in an ever-changing and increasingly connected international environment,

3) impact the University of Alabama's campus, the greater community, and world through service and engagement, and

4) cultivate community amongst its members and between the citizens of the world.

How this Organization is Igniting Innovation

AIRC plans to collaborate with the local community to address issues that affect the city, state, nation, and world by educating students about the problems of today and equipping them to affectively address them through Model United Nations.

"There are innumerable global issues today. Yet there are not innumerable programs that challenge youth to question the status quo and do something about it. Model United Nations teaches students about the international issues captivating our attention today through simulations of the United Nations and other similar bodies, where students are challenged to take on the role of a policy-maker and create solutions. Not surprisingly, students oftentimes are better at finding solutions than are the people with the real power to make a difference, and Model United Nations empowers the students that participate in it to do more and demonstrates that collaboration is possible."

AIRC sees a real need to address the issues dividing the nation and threatening the world today, and the BBDI program does this at the most local level through its empowerment of youth in impoverished areas. They would use this partnership with the BBDI program to reach its full potential and for many communities and individuals to be positively impacted as a result.

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