Alpha Mu Omega

The Mission

Alpha Mu Omega was founded upon the principle of being excellent, by doing excellence. Whether in the academic realm or the everyday world, members of Alpha Mu Omega strive to be great.

Students at The University of Alabama already aim for greatness in their academic careers, but Alpha Mu Omega members strive for more than purely academic success, but rather success as civilians of society. The members of the Greek-letter organizations all take pride in being a part of the strong Greek system at The University of Alabama.

Until Alpha Mu Omega, there has not been the opportunity for the members of the Greek system to come together under the principles of dedication to the community. Together, members of Alpha Mu Omega make a difference inside and outside the classroom. Alpha Mu Omega is founded on five key pillars: resourcefulness, civic responsibilities, helpfulness, accountability, and academic awareness. By combing these ideal characteristics, AMO's members can help not only the community but themselves as well.

How this Organization is Igniting Innovation

Alpha Mu Omega hopes to bring college students together to advocate for the betterment of the community while leading a helping hand. 

"We are the first Alpha Mu Omega to exist not only at The University of Alabama but in the nation. We have been on campus for three years and our chapter has grown exponentially. We started with a small group of about 20 to now over 100 people. We are original in the fact that we are the beginning. We want to look back in the future and see other campuses create Alpha Mu Omegas."

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