UA Young Americans for Freedom

The Mission

The goal of UA Young Americans for Freedom is to provide students an opportunity to engage one's self in both the political world and to promote Conservative values on campus. Of these, the UA chapter strives to promote the values of free speech, a strong national defense, guaranteed individual rights, religious liberty, and a variety of other "freedom" related topics. The organization seeks to educate people, through seminars, conferences, speaking engagements, and in on campus activism, and considers it to be the premiere political organization for young conservatives.

How this Organization is Igniting Innovation

While there are many political groups on campus, something that makes the UA Young Americans for Freedom unique is the fact that members are both non partisan and seek to directly engage all students on campus. UA Young Americans for Freedom sees this grant as an opportunity to provide a platform to let their voices be heard.

"It's our organizations belief that being able to reach across the aisle and understand other perspectives is a crucial aspect of society, and it is in our goals hopes of being able to advance free speech that we hope to be able to spread this idea on campus. The school does not have a current history of speaking events being held on campus, such to the point that we truly feel it would be beneficial to host open forums for people to challenge each others ideas."

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