University of Alabama Dance Marathon

The Mission

The purpose of UADM is to raise funds and awareness for Children's of Alabama, the children's hospital in Birmingham. The staff and miracle makers work year round to raise money for the kids that are treated there. UA students also work on campus to make other students aware of the needs that the hospital has.

The year ends with a 12-hour standing event where volunteers, participants, families and everyone in-between dance, sing, play games and activities and fundraise. UA students invite families and kids from the hospital to come and join in on the fun. The Main Event is meant as a celebration of everything UADM has done throughout the year while also recognizing all of the fundraising efforts.

How this Organization is Igniting Innovation

"Our whole organization is innovative. In 7 years we have gone from not existing to a well-known campus organization looking to raise $500,000 for UADM 2018. Each year we must bring new ideas, skills, and resources to raise more money than the year before. Last year we had a goal of raising $300,000 and we raised $340,000!"

Every year the organization pushes its boundaries and goals in order to make as big of an impact on UA's campus as possible. The grant would allow UADM to focus on creating and executing innovative ideas without worrying about how to make it happen and where to get the financial resources from.

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