LessThanUThink, or LTUT,  is an award-winning, student-generated campaign that addresses the national problem of college-aged binge drinking. The campaign uses humorous messages that highlight the negative social and physical consequences associated with the overconsumption of alcohol. Capstone Agency serves as the brand management team for LTUT and oversees implementations at different college campuses across the country.

The most recent implementation in the fall of 2015 was the LTUT kick off at Mississippi State University: LTUTMSU. The campaign included tailgates and events on campus centered around MSU's homecoming game, Halloween, National Alcohol Awareness Week and their much-anticipated game with The University of Alabama. See LTUT.org for more information about bringing the campaign to your college campus.

In 2012, LessThanUThink worked with Shaquille O'neil, a spokesperson for LTUT's funder, The Century Council, to target the nationwide problem of binge drinking on college campuses. LTUT partnered with telecommunications and film students to produce and film the PSA highlighting LTUT's anti-binge drinking efforts.