Get your pen and paper ready. If you like words, the Media Relations department is for you. Media relations is all about words and using them in the most effective manner possible to communicate for clients. Whether it is drafting a communications plan, writing a press release, pitching the media or distributing the agency newsletter, they are always writing something. 

Yes, we are those people always with an AP Style book. I mean, did you even know that the "french" in "french fries" isn't capitalized? Yeah, you need us.


  • Completed JN 311 (unless you absolutely kill the writing test without having taken it)
  • Pass writing test
  • Pass AP style test
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Overall Cumulative of 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Graduating later than August 2018

Application Questions:

  • Upload writing samples that demonstrate your skill level. (You may have to compress samples into a ZIP file because only one file can be uploaded at a time.)
  • Download this AP Style Test and make corrections to the press release, then upload your file with AP Style errors corrected saved as "Lastname_Firstname_AP".
  • Download this information, read it and write a one-page news release, then upload the file saved as "Lastname_Firstname_News".