The Professional Internship Hunt

Think of someone you consider the consummate professional. In addition to perhaps well-worded emails and a carefully scheduled agenda, most people we admire have an “it” factor, a subtle finesse. There is something that makes them the type of professional that stands out.

When I think of professionalism, I think of one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite professionals:

“Three rules of success in fashion: perseverance, dream a bit, and be passionate about it,”-- Grace Coddington

Coddington, for those a little less obsessed with Vogue than I am, was Creative Director at large for American Vogue. Although she just retired this year, looking back on her work is inspiring; there is rich texture, luxury and a story in every photograph.

Grace Coddington is a brand.

I realize this time of year makes most students think of coup de grace rather than Grace Coddington. However, as we all embark on the seemingly never-ending quest for an internship, I mention this quote as inspiration to reduce the usual intimidation that surrounds a job hunt.

Persevere. Dream. Be Passionate.

Consider what was discussed in our previous full agency meeting:


  • Take a look at your strengths, weaknesses, and what you want out of your internship
  • They will ask about weaknesses, so be sure to have an answer ready
  • Review your resume
  • Use industry buzzwords, quantitative improvements, and client names to bring your resume to life


  • Make a master spread sheet of every opportunity you want to pursue
  • Include company, deadline, location, type, letter of recommendation, samples, follow ups, ect.
  • When emailing people who have your dream job, make it count
  • Email should be grammatically flawless, respectfully humorous if possible, and concise

Be Passionate:

  • Express your passion for PR when you discuss Capstone Agency
  • Get specific about your achievements, know what it taught you, know how and when you applied that knowledge
  • Write well and write often
  • Have strong writing samples that show your range and strengths with emphasis on those samples that have been published

Find your own brand. Find your own “it” factor. That is what will make you stand out as a professional. Whether it is through a personal blog or a consistently witty email dialogue, develop a style that is your own.

I know this time of the year is stressful, but, with these tips in mind, I hope you find your dream internship, a candid sense of humor, and a little bit of Grace.

This blog post was written by Jessica Babbin. She is an account executive in Capstone Agency.  


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