The First Semester at Capstone Agency

You’ve made it into Capstone Agency - congratulations!

You just survived the first ever interview process we’ve ever had to conduct. That says a lot about you; out of all 155 applicants, you were selected to come onto this team. Amazing.

So, you’re here. You’re on the roster… now what?

Well, as a senior who joined on in January, I can tell you three things I learned about the first semester at Capstone Agency.

1. Learning never stops.

Capstone Agency has so many different facets to its operations, so I feel like I’m always asking questions. Like, I didn’t know you could come down to the Tank whenever you have a break to study until ten minutes ago. (It’s much quieter down there, and you’re surrounded by people with similar class experiences.) Or, I didn’t know there were so many elements that go into creating a cohesive design piece. (Color schemes seriously matter, people; more than I thought.)

That’s something I learned very quickly here--never stop asking questions. If you’re confused about something, ask. If you’re curious, ask. You’re not hurting anybody when you do. You’re actually gaining experience for when you have a real job down the road! This is a real agency, after all, and learning more about your field is a lifelong journey.

2. Stay afloat by staying organized.

Google Drive is stressful when there are too many files and too few folders. Do yourself a favor and star the files and folders you know you’ll need most often. For instance, I starred the folder for Plank Center (my client team) and for the Public Relations Department. I can access them easily from my Drive’s home page.

Also, go the extra mile and make a separate folder on your personal Drive. Put the things you know you’ll often need in there, as well as everything you’ve done personally to have for your portfolio. It’ll help in the long run!

3. Your connections are invaluable.

The people in this agency are the cream of the crop. These are all students who seek to make the most of their college career by preparing for their future career. As such, you’ll find some pretty knowledgeable, helpful and driven people.

Not only that, but they’re seriously fun!

This is your network. This is the baseline from which you will expand your connections in the field. You’ll be able to help each other within the agency and in the classes you may have together. However, never forget that while making connections is beneficial for your college career, making friends is even more valuable. Enjoy your time with them! I promise, it’s easy.

There’s so much more I could write about. But I’ll leave the rest of the story up to you. Your story begins now.

This blog post was written by Hope Todd. She is in the public relations department in Capstone Agency. 

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