3 Hacks to Becoming a PR Pro

Most people think that living in the world of public relations is like living in the world of Scandal’s Olivia Pope, but in reality we don’t all get to wear the ‘white hat.’

Thriving in this industry requires attention to detail and countless hours of researching. Trends are always changing and brand reputations are constantly rising and falling. The integration of media marketing and communications is getting easier with the use of social media, but there is still some difficulty in deciding how to get the message across.

As I start my slow transition into the real world as a graduating senior in May, I have found a few PR hacks that have helped me decide what and how to get a message across to an audience.


Media is your new BFF

Working with journalists isn’t always easy, but is so important. They are your go-to outlet for all promotional updates and press releases. Always maintaining good relationships with media is the key to success. Instead of emailing a huge list of journalists, reach out to specific ones to form a personal relationship.

If you work with the same outlet more than once, it is beneficial to send a thank you card or even meet for coffee to show that you appreciate the positive press your client is receiving.


Influencers become your advocates

More PR agencies and companies are looking for influencers to represent their brands. Finding advocates who create relationships with their followers and your target audience is the new way to create conversation on all social media platforms.

Advocates with an original voice can shed a new perspective on your client or product that followers will want to be apart of.


Video is everything

From Snapchat, to Instagram live videos and even Facebook, this social media tactic has exploded. With the use of visual communication, companies can become more appealing to their audience. People like to see a product before investing time and money into it.

I found this tactic useful when interning for the Country Music Association (CMA). I noticed that more people wanted to watch what happened live compared to seeing it later. The use of real time allows the company or product to be timely and relevant. Plus this also gives time for you to respond to followers.

There are always unexpected twists and turns in the world of public relations, but I have found these techniques helpful in my previous experiences.

This blog post was written by Alexis Anderson. She is in the public relations department in Capstone Agency.

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