Shark Tank

What better way to get the whole agency involved than some friendly competition? On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Capstone Agency hosted its Shark Tank style pitch-off to collect ideas for enhancing the agency’s culture.

Here’s how it went down: Each client team presented a three minute pitch on how to improve agency culture. The judges were allowed to ask one question each, and teams could use props and a presentation to improve their pitch. If another team pitched an idea first, the team with the same idea had to change its own before it was its turn or pitch the same idea using a different angle. This meant no idea was safe.

Now to the best part. We had nine teams pitch ideas and (spoiler alert!), we definitely had some overlap. The QEP team pitched “A Day of Giving Back” and The Plank Center team pitched a “swap and serve” idea. Alabama Power pitched “Operation Heat and Greet,” an event to get to know each other while eating pizza. We had the New Business team pitch an agency-wide Olympics, and EcoCAR pitched “Capstone Cases,” an activity where members form teams to work on strategizing a solution for a problem to an assigned case study.  

Remember the spoiler alert? Our final pitches included football, with the Capstone Agency Communications team pitching block seating, and the Creative Media team pitching block seating Capstone tailgating (nice save, guys). Finally, LTUT and HEP both pitched “Camp Capstone,” agency-wide retreats that so happened to have the same name (and competitions awarding a “Capstone Cup.” Is it obvious we have a lot of Harry Potter fans?).

Each pitch was judged on eight components: creativity, depth of presentation, quality, professionalism, engagement, attainability, sustainability, and questions and answers. After all the pitches were presented, the judges stepped out to deliberate and select the final two teams.

Our judges were Firm Adviser Teri Henley as Barbara Corcoran Shark, Firm Director Maret Montanari as Lori Greiner Shark, Assistant Firm Director Hudson Nuckolls as Mark Cuban Shark, and surprise guest judge Dr. Joseph Phelps as Dr. “Wonderful” Shark.

Like stated before, everyone had three minutes to pitch their idea, but only three teams could make it to the final round. The Plank Center team, the LTUT team and the Capstone Agency Communications team were our finalists, and each had 30 seconds to try to win over the judges one last time.

The Plank Center client team pitched its swap and serve idea, a.k.a. Swerve. Swerve is an event where the agency would partner with an on-campus business fraternity for a day of community service, and a “swap” at the end of the day. The LTUT team pitched “Camp Capstone,” an agency-wide retreat filled with activities and smores, and the Capstone Agency Communications team pitched its idea of block seating in the football stadium.

*Cue Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model final decision voice*

At the end of the day there can only be one winner, and the winner is the Capstone Agency Communications team!

Maret Montanari as Lori Greiner Shark said, “The Capstone Agency Communications team took home the victory with a pro-style pitch and an excellent agency culture idea: block seating. Block seating offers a low-cost, all-member inclusive idea that will be sure to foster relationships among members of all departments and client teams. Who doesn't love some Alabama football, too?!”

Here at Capstone Agency, everyone's a winner. Although the other teams didn’t win the Shark Tank challenge, they did earn a cool superlative. Check out all of the teams’ awards below!

EcoCAR’s Capstone Cases - Best Shark-Tank Styled

QEP’s Community Service Day - Most Philanthropic

New Business’ The CA Olympics - Most Creative Stunt Opener

Creative Media’s Capstone Tailgating - Best Recovery

LTUT’s Camp Capstone - Most Extra Pitch

HEP’s Camp Capstone - Best Pitch Snack

Plank Center’s Swerve - Most Comedic Pitch

Alabama Power’s Operation Heat and Greet - Most Clever Idea Name

This concludes the recap of our very intense pitch-off. Cheers to all for their hard work. Until next time!

Capstone Agency