Account Services: These are the coordinators. They oversee meetings, ensure we meet deadlines and keep us on top of our game. Consider them the steering wheel in the crazy machine that is Capstone Agency.

Creative Services: Our creative department helps our clients put their best face forward. From logo design to promotional materials to infographics, they make sure our clients never have a bad hair day. 

Digital: The digital department oversees our social media and website development. They create the web content to meet all of the client’s needs. You can thank this department for the never-ending hashtags and Twitter chats. 

InsightsOur insights department conducts the formative research for our clients and potential clients, as well as the final evaluation and analysis of the campaigns. Basically, they get really excited about Google analytics.

Media Relations: The media relations department oversees all methods of promoting and monitoring through traditional media. This includes written content such as media kits, brochures, booklets and anything else the client may need. This is where all those journalism courses come into play.

Public Relations: Our public relations department is in charge of promotions for the firm as a whole. They discover and work toward the desired message, image and goals of the agency. They make sure we are staying on the “five year plan.”